Edd ThomasMap of MongoliaWe are a husband and wife team passionate about supporting Mongolia and its people. As a Kazakh Mongolian, Marina was raised in the mountains in the Western region (Bayan Ulgii province) of Mongolia, amid a people proud and skilled in their traditional customs and handicrafts. Edd grew up in England in Kent and spent several years in Mongolia also.

In a naturally harsh climate that can see the temperature drop to minus 40 degrees centigrade in winter, making a living in Mongolia has always been hard. MarinaWith the current slow transition to a market economy, the traditional herding way of life has quickly been disappearing. So too had many of the handcrafts and skills that had been a vital part of the nomadic daily life. It is with pleasure that these skills are now starting to be revived and maintained for an international audience.Edd

The products we choose offer a unique blend of contemporary and traditional design using the highest quality materials from Cashmere to Felt. All our items have been sourced from small-scale cooperatives from around the country. Every item has been painstakingly handmade by the craftsmen and women - in some cases taking up to 15 hours per item. We hope you spend some time on our Traditions page viewing how the items are made.

We personally know all of the cooperatives we deal with and admire each of them for the dedication and community income-generation they are able to provide. By buying from our product range you too are showing your support for the traditional crafts and skills of this amazing land and people.

With thanks! Edd & Marina