traditional mongolian blue materialThe Traditions of Mongolian Crafts

The heritage of hand made crafts is rooted deep in the Mongolian culture and way of life. We take pleasure in seeing that many of the handcrafts and skills that have been a vital part of nomadic daily life are starting to be revived and maintained for an international audience.

The products we choose offer a unique blend of contemporary and traditional design using the highest quality materials.  All our items have been sourced from small-scale co-operatives from around the country.  Every item has been painstakingly hand made by the craftsmen and women adding a modern twist to offer well-designed and practical items.

We hope that by learning more about the traditions of these crafts you will share our connection to the skill and beauty of our products.

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embroidery traditionsThe Tradition of Kazakh Embroidery in Western Mongolia

Traditions of feltThe Traditons of The Felt Nation